The region of Panay is a beautiful place brimming with splendid-looking beaches, amazingly rich culture and good-natured people all over. My trip there with my good kaladkarin friends made up for one very enjoyable trip! Join me as I recall our trip to this Western Visayas region.

Our trip lasted for five (5) days covering the whole region of Western Visayas. We came in at Roxas City, Capiz then flew back to Manila at Kalibo, Aklan.

Part 1 covers our trip to Capiz (Day 1)

Part 2 covers our trip to Ilo-ilo and Guimaras (Days 2 to 4)

Part 3 covers our trip to Antique and Aklan (Day 5)


The beautiful Roxas City! Follow me on Instagram, guys! (IG: @karl_olivier)

Capiz is first province that we visited in Panay. It covers a total area of 2, 594.64 sq. km and is located at the northeastern tip of the Panay Island. It comprises of 1 city, 16 municipalities and 473 barangays. Its provincial capital, Roxas City, is dubbed as the Seafood Capital of the Philippines due to abundance of its marine resources.

Day 1 – Roxas City, Capiz

We arrived in Roxas City late in the morning of Wednesday via Cebu Pacific. We headed straight to Baybay, probably the most popular food place in the city. Not only were we hungry that time, we were also excited to taste of what Roxas has to offer! And what we had then was such a sumptuous treat. Just look at the picture below!

Tara, kain tayo!

After eating, we spent some time in Baybay Beach, which is also known as La Playa de Roxas (playa in Spanish means beach). This is where many of the locals (called Capiznons) as well as tourists stroll around when they are in Baybay. Baybay Beach is facing the Sibuyan Sea, the body of water that separates the Visayas from the island of Luzon.

Baybay Beach

We were actually planning to go waterfalls chasing that afternoon but because of time constraints, we ultimately decided not to. We went, instead, to one of Roxas City’s most beautiful resorts, the San Antonio Resort. It was only several hundred meters away from Baybay and so we just walked towards it after relaxing and taking pictures at the beach.

Meet my kaladkarin friends, Carlo (IG: @carloenriquez21) and Brye (IG: @bryehero)!


We enjoyed staying in San Antonio Resort during that Wednesday afternoon. We got to relax and enjoy the place, which wasn’t crowded because it was a weekday!

It was already late in the afternoon when we decided to leave. We then headed to the capital’s bus terminal via tricycle to ask about the time buses venture into our travel destination the following day: Carles in Ilo-ilo. When we found out that it would be better to stay the night in Roxas City, we decided to explore more of the Capiz Capital. We saw key city destinations like the Capiz Provincial Capitol, the Roxas City Bandstand (which bore the “I Love Roxas City” by the time we went there), among others.

I am supposed to replace the “missing” I. Haha.

We then went to Sta. Monica Church, also known as Panay Church, which is declared a National Historic Landmark by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines. This Catholic church that is located near Roxas City bears the largest bell in all of Asia, and the third largest in the world.

The Panay Church!
Holding the largest bell in Asia!


We looked for a hotel back in the city of Roxas and what we found was a budget hotel near the city plaza beside the Panay River. The view there at night was magnificent.

The Panay River!
Having fun at dinner time! We decided to eat in Spanggo, a Spanish-inspired resto.

Watch out for Part 2 of our Panay adventure! It’s going to cover our trip to Ilo-ilo and Guimaras! Expenses will be listed at the final part of our Panay adventure. 🙂

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