Exploring Jomalig Island: Home of Quezon’s Golden Sand and More


Ever since I saw pictures of Jomalig (pronounced as “Ho-ma-lig”) last year, I already aimed to visit the place and explore what it has to offer. And I finally did it during the past weekend! I was awed with its glorious golden sands! And to my surprise it still has a lot to offer besides its famous golden sands. What are these? Read along to find out.

This is a 2-day itinerary in exploring the beautiful island of Jomalig, Quezon.


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The beauty of Jomalig!
Location of Jomalig in Quezon map. (Courtesy: Wikipedia)
Location of Jomalig in Quezon map. (Courtesy: Wikipedia)

Situated at the far eastern part of the Polillo Group of Islands, Jomalig is a fifth class municipality in the province of Quezon. Having only about 7,000 inhabitants, it is the least populated municipality of the said province. Its people (called Jomaligins) depend on agricultural products such as coconuts (coconut trees embed the island), rice and root crops as well as fisheries for livelihood. However, for the past few years, Jomalig has become a popular summer travel destination. The island has been discovered to possess both golden and white sands, beautiful rock formations and remarkable cliff edges as well.



The golden sands of Salibungot Beach!

Salibungot Beach is home to Jomalig’s golden sands. Located in the western part of the island, it consists of a wide stretch of golden sand that complements Lamon Bay’s stunningly blue shades of seawater. You can go swimming, sunbathing and camping here. Pine trees cover an area not that far off the beach and it is a haven for those who want to take shade and still enjoy the beach during a sunny afternoon.

Residents near Salibungot Beach offer their home for travelers and this is where we stayed for the night while in Jomalig. The homestays are about several meters away only to the beach.


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Being artsy in Kanaway Beach

Said to be the second most visited travel destination in Jomalig, Kanaway is located in the easternmost part of the island facing the Pacific Ocean. While it consists of a couple of beautiful rock formations, Kanaway is also home to fine, pastel-colored sands. Hence, it is referred to as Kanaway Beach by some.



Jomalig has its own white beach and it’s aptly called “Little Boracay” because of its powdery, white sand!

Haven’t had the time to visit Boracay yet for the summer? Go and enjoy what some residents of Jomalig call Little Boracay as it resembles the world-famous beach’s white sand and clear waters.

Having the beach only for ourselves is <3!

This place gets really crowded during the weekend (summer months) so go here on a weekday if you can. We had the place for ourselves because we were here on a Monday!


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This is the impressive view of the Pacific Ocean when you get to stand on Lingayen Cove’s rocky formation.

Lingayen Cove features a small but beautiful whitish sand beach in between huge rocky cliffs and strikingly stony edges. It features an amazing view of the sea as it brings its waves towards the beach.

The rocky cliff of Lingayen Cove! Standing on top of it is my friend, Gary.


Sunrise in Real, Quezon!

Going to Jomalig from Metro Manila would require a long time of traveling: four (4) to five (5) hours of bus ride from Raymond Bus Terminal in Legarda, Manila to Ungos Port in Real, Quezon then another five (5) hours of boat ride from port to Jomalig Island via Lamon Bay.

In our case, we rode the 11 pm bus in Raymond Bus Terminal and reached Real at past 3 AM. If like us you arrive in Real during the wee hours of the morning, it is better to drop off in Ungos Port even though it isn’t the port that Jomalig-bound boats use (they use the old port). There are food stalls around the Ungos Port and a waiting area where you can sit and relax. Boats going to Jomalig leave at 6 am. You can ride a tricycle from Ungos Port towards the old port for just about 5 to 10 minutes.


Having a photo opportunity with Ate Den. I am with my friend, Sam, in this picture. Gary, our other friend in the island is MIA. Hehe.

There are several homestays in Jomalig Island where you can stay. We chose to stay in Ate Denden’s Homestay, which is by the beach of Salibungot. You can choose between a bedroom inside the house or a separate hut where you can rest and sleep. We chose to stay inside the house as we think we could rest more in it. There are two shared bathrooms outside the house. Using it can really get crowded especially if there are other groups who will be staying. Here is Ate Denden’s contact number: 09489936005.



10 pm – Meeting time in Raymond Bus Terminal in Legarda, Manila. Book tickets of buses going to Infanta, Quezon.

11 pm – Expected departure time of bus from Manila to Real, Quezon


3 am – Drop off in Ungos Port

5 am – Head to the old port

6 am – Expected departure time of boat to Jomalig Island

11 am – Expected arrival time of boat in Jomalig Island

12 nn – Settle down in homestay

1 pm – Lunch

3 pm – Start exploring Salibungot Beach

7 pm – Dinner

9 pm – Socials by the beach


5 am – Start of island tour via habal-habal: Kanaway Rock Formations, Little Boracay, Lingayen Cove among others

8:30 am – Head back to homestay

9 am – Prepare to go home

11 am – Expected departure time of boat from Jomalig to Real

4 pm – Ride the van going to Manila

8 pm – Expected time of arrival in Legarda, Manila


P198 Bus fare from Legarda, Manila to Real, Quezon
P20 Tricycle from Ungos Port to old port
P400 Boat ride from Real to Jomalig (lunch included: one viand and a cup of rice)
P20 Entrance fee to Jomalig
P100 Environmental fee in Jomalig
P50 Tourism fee in Jomalig
P60 Habal-habal from port to homestay
P150 Entrance fee to resort in Salibungan Beach
P500 (per group) Homestay in Jomalig
P300 Meals served by Ate Denden

P100 per meal (may be fried fish and sinigang for lunch, chicken adobo and fish for dinner, eggs and fried fish for breakfast/lunch)

All meals are served with rice and water

P600 Habal-habal for the island tour
P400 Boat ride from Jomalig to Real (lunch included: one viand and a cup of rice)
P220 Van fare from Real, Quezon to Legarda, Manila

(Expenses will definitely be lower if you are many in the group as well as if you bring your own food. Transportation going in and out of Jomalig already covers half of the expenses.


Thank you for reading, guys! If you have any question, suggestion or recommendations re: my Jomalig trip, just tell me in the comments section! 🙂

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