Exploring Casiguran: Aurora’s Hidden Haven of Nature


The beauty of Casiguran!
The beauty of Casiguran!

Aurora has been a constant go-to place of many people who are either on a long vacation or just wanting to escape for a short but good time. Baler is a haven for surfers while Dingalan is a sanctuary for stunning landscapes. But one place in Aurora hasn’t been explored by many people yet because of its location: Casiguran. One of the northernmost municipalities in the said province, Casiguran is about 200 km away from Manila. There are no direct ways of going there, but ever since Baler became a popular travel site, going to Casiguran isn’t as hard as before. While you can go here using your own vehicle (just like what the Shembot Squad did), commuting is possible.

I made this blog post to feature the beauty of Casiguran and  why people should go here. I’ve read a not-so-nice blog entry about this beautiful place and that just fueled the fire in me to share this to others. I also gave directions on how to go here, where to stay and how to enjoy. So keep on reading, guys!


Aurora Map
Where is Casiguran? (map courtesy of Wikipedia)

Located 121 km northeast of Baler, Casiguran has a land area of 715.43 sq km and a population of 24,313 (2014 Census). Home to the Amro River Protected Landscape, Casiguran is also famed because it also features some of the most beautiful landscapes in that side of Luzon that is facing the Pacific Ocean.

It will take about 9 hours of driving from Manila (just 5 hours if you are traveling from Santiago, Isabela and 4 hours from Baler, Aurora) in order to reach Casiguran. While many of the roads leading there are already cemented, there are spots that are risky to cross due to the mountainous terrain. Deep ravines abound aside from the danger of big rocks falling especially during bad weather conditions.


If you are driving, you can use your user-friendly and uber-helpful navigation apps such as Google Maps in locating Casiguran.

If you are going to commute, take the bus going to Baler from Genesis bus terminal or Joy bus terminal in Cubao early in the morning. Remember that the usual travel time from Manila to Baler is 6 to 7 hours, so carefully plan your steps once you have decided to head to Casiguran. From Baler, you can ride the D’Liner bus, which leaves at 7 AM, or a van bound to Casiguran + Dilasag. These vans do not have a regular schedule, but they are said to take passengers once the D’Liner bus leaves. Travel time from Baler to Casiguran is about 4 hours.



Casapsapan Beach
Casapsapan Beach!

This is the place that mainly draws people to go to Casiguran. With its whitish/yellowish, fine sand, Casapsapan Beach is spectacular to look at and be in especially during sunny days. Imagine a few miles of sandy coastline where you can perform your choice of activities under the sun!

Shembot Squad doing what we do best when traveling: taking pictures!
SHEMBOT SQUAD doing what we do best when traveling: taking pictures! With me in this picture are Ardee (IG: @ardeemd), Brye (@bryhero), Denmark (@denmarkisthename), Gary (the @dudeinorange) and Carlo (@carloenriquez21)
Photo 21-08-2017, 3 31 31 AM
Processed with VSCO with s3 preset
SERIOUS AND FUNNY. That’s what the squad can be.

Spend your time here relaxing, taking pictures or swimming in its clear waters. Go solo or enjoy with family and friends. Just don’t go too far because it goes too deep after a certain distance!

SEE THROUGH. Here's a young boy from the local neighborhood as he enjoys taking a dip in the clear waters of Casiguran. Notice, too, that the sand here has turned yellowish.
SEE THROUGH. Here’s a young boy from the local neighborhood as he enjoys taking a dip in the clear waters of Casiguran. Notice, too, that the sand here has turned yellowish.
I just love still waters.
I just love still waters.
The sandy beach is emdedded with rocky surfaces,
The sandy beach is emdedded with rocky surfaces,

Just when we thought we’ve seen the whole of Casapsapan Beach, we were surprised that there was more! After riding a boat for about 30 minutes, we witnessed a different side of Casapsapan: a secluded area that showcases different types of terrain in its shoreline! Take a look at the pictures below and see what I am talking about.

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset
This place is great for photo shoots. The varying landscapes provide for an interesting background from certain angles.
Processed with VSCO with s3 preset
Ohh that clear, still waters!
Processed with VSCO with n1 preset
LOW TIDE. It was low tide when we went there and it resulted to this wonder!
Processed with VSCO with s3 preset
CAMERA-READY. Here’s my good friend, Carlo as he was taking snaps of the surrounding.
Processed with VSCO with s3 preset
BALD AND BOLD. It was said that a whirlpool is located in this area! We didn’t know about it that’s why we still went here to swim and take pictures just like what our friend, Brye, is doing!
Processed with VSCO with s3 preset
THIS IMAGE. We were about to leave when I glanced upon the beauty of this surrounding. I asked my friend, Den, to take me a snap with this in the background.
Processed with VSCO with s3 preset
Oh look at this!



Casiguran 5
Casiguran 5: Carlo, Denmark, Ardee, yours truly and Gary. We took this picture before Brye, the birthday boy, arrived.

While on our way to Casapsapan Beach, we passed through this beautiful bridge and we took the chance to take pictures in its vicinity as there were only a few vehicles passing through the area.

Another picture shot in the bridge.

If you have an extra day or two, you can also visit these places that are said to be nearby Casiguran: DILASAG MUNICIPALITY, SINGEP FALLS, CANAWER BEACH, among others. 

 Where to Stay

FUN TIMES. Here are my friends as we were relaxing in the resort.

The popular resort in this place is aptly called “Casapsapan Beach Resort” but we opted to stay at the less popular and definitely less crowded place called WMK Resort. In fact, when we were here, we had the resort only to ourselves!

The resort has a bungalow, which is divided into 4 rooms, with each room having a bed and comfort room. Electricity is provided with use of a generator. What’s more, it has a sort of kitchen/dining area where guests can cook, as well as hire the resort’s videoke machine! As our friend, Brye, was celebrating his birthday, this was just perfect!
Good times!
GOOD TIMES! Here’s the squad as we were celebrating in Casiguran! 🙂
Do you have any comments, questions or suggestions? Don’t forget to post them below! I hope this blog post has convinced you to visit Casiguran. Thank you for reading! 

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